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    I have read your website and would like to send an email to you for consultation.
    I am a doctor and my company is a medical corporation, Senkikai, which operates a clinic and a nursing home. My company is located 15-20 minutes by train from downtown Osaka.
    To secure human resources in the future, I have been considering hiring.
    There are several ways to stay in Japan.
    (1) Technical intern-training, (2) Specified skills, (3) Study abroad (language school or vocational school):
    These are three main types of residency in Japan. Your company is arranging overseas jobs.
    However, I would like our employees to work with us for a long time, not just for a temporary stay.
    For this reason, I am looking for people who can study at a nursing-care school, obtain national certification as a care worker, and work with us.
    Even if their Japanese language skills are not sufficient, they can study at a Japanese language school in Japan. Of course, the language school's tuition fees are also provided.
    My company offers free tuition as the elder health care scholarship if they work for us for a specified period after obtaining your certification.
    All they need is motivation.
    Furthermore, my company will also provide them with a place to live, although they may have to share a room, while they are at school and provide them with 25,000 yen per month for living expenses.
    And they can work part-time at our facility to earn an income. Of course, you will be paid the same as Japanese. They can also stay in Japan permanently if they obtain a nursing-care worker certificate.
    I am looking for three people to join our team.
    They can receive a monthly salary of 250,000 yen or more.
    If you work late at night, you will be paid an additional allowance.
    The cost of training on dementia will be provided by the company, and an additional 20,000 yen will be paid monthly if a care-planning-management qualification is obtained.
    The working conditions are the same as the Japanese.
    Would anyone be interested in applying for this job offer?
    And how much is the fee in getting a referral?

    Best regards,
    Goki Kanda.

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